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Universitätsprojekt Lehrevaluation ​(ULe)

Central Office for Teaching Evaluation
evaluation laptop
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Welcome to the Central Office for Teaching Evaluation​

The Central Office for Teaching Evaluation​ supports the process of quality assurance and improvement at the University of Jena. Evaluation is performed on two levels of observation by means of systematic and scientifically based procedures for teaching evaluation: (a) at the level of the individual course and (b) at the level of an entire study programme. Feedback instruments have been developed for both levels to support and promote the dialogue between learners and teachers. The aim is to identify strengths and weaknesses and to ensure teaching quality by developing and implementing opportunities for improvement. Teaching evaluation is anchored in the evaluation regulationspdf, 231 kb · de of the University of Jena.

Data is processed in the context of teaching evaluation. For more information, please see our privacy statement.